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One of the largest expenditures, of any organization, broken or under performing equipment. Duncan Management specializes in developing preventative programs to lower sudden, unexpected, and costly failures. The silent drain, on a company's resources, can be eliminated through proper preventative maintenance programs. Call us today, Please. 214-676-8680  

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With over 30 years of experience in varied disciplines, no task is unsolvable by our management consult. Partner with our team to improve your chances of success.

Experienced Team

With over 30 years experience in varied disciplines, no task is unsolvable by our management consulting team. Consulting firms should always have your companies best interest in mind. The consulting services we offer will propel your company above the competition. If your organization is in need, we are the business management consultant for you. Business and management consultants improve on current organizational objectives.

We genuinely enjoy the responsibility of a challenging project, motivating others to reach a new level of team accomplishments. Your business culture should inspire everyone in the process.

Our Passion

We genuinely enjoy the responsibility of a challenging project, motivating others to reach new levels, the birthing of better systems, and creating a supportive business culture that pushes others to succeed in work as well as life. Training others to become leaders is very gratifying for our team.

Our mission is to engage partnership companies and through operations help them perfect their attributes.

Our mission

Our mission is to engage partnership companies and through operations help them perfect their attributes while creating a renewed passion for adventurous endeavors. 

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The Direction a Business takes is affected by the path the leaders are on


Would it not be great to live a life without apprehension or exacerbation? Enjoying your work, the way you relish your hobbies? Pouring your efforts into something which rewards, inspires, and fuels your very existence. Waking in the morning with an enthusiasm to begin the day matched only by the thought that tomorrow will bring you more of the same emotional state. This euphoric, glass always half-full, or positive virtue may seem unrealistic from where most people reside in their careers. The normal business practices of our times have developed into a “winner take all” milieu. So, as a survival instinct most individuals have learn the art of falsiloquium and mendacium. These expressions were introduced by Immanuel Kant, an eighteenth century German philosopher in his vivid description of miss-representation or lying. Negotiations for services or contract to sell transactions have taken on the similarities of a poker game i.e. the bluff.  The first side to show weakness or flinch is taken to task by the opposing participant in the matter. The fact is both sides have concluded, long before they meet, that everyone will embellish the truth to get the upper hand. A contract, by definition, is an agreement which requires two or more parties to perform a specific duty. Would it not be great to just shake someone’s hand in an agreement and know it will be done because they said so?

Somewhere along the way business people have lost their ability to see the reflection they portray in a mirror. Business owners, Board Members, CEO’s, and managers need to establish the business practice of “Do as you wish to have done to you”. Take the moral high ground at every opportunity and insist that everyone in your sphere of influence do the same. Looking inward is the hardest, most subjective, and empowering thing we can ever accomplish for the betterment of our professional journeys. An optimistic prospective is always dampered or overshadowed by the obstacles we must maneuver daily. This is a capsulation of an inward look at myself:

“A self-assessment is indicative of numerous exposers of direction, tendencies, and provable styles which are examined or evaluated. After many years of influencing others, a fresh introduction into why I lead in a specific style is helpful moving forward in my growth and improvement as a Servant Leader”.

True leaders are born from adversity and the ability to focus through the murkiness of a situation so business leaders must take a stance on ethical issues. The path which we chose is not always the easiest but the rewards in the end are immeasurable. A drive to explore all aspects of any issue will led to a wealth of information about the subject which will improve you individually. One of the most important things I have learned through my experiences has been an understanding that customer satisfaction provides a healthier company atmosphere. Conveying the truth, upholding high moral standards, and expecting the same of those around you and it will make a crystal-clear view into and out of the mirror, inevitable.  

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The Changing Work Force

Are they really any different then us?


In the job market today, employees don’t stay in one place for as long as they used to. While numerous factors can contribute to this, there are a few things business owners can do to boost morale and keep a higher retention rate.

Businesses must stop categorizing employees into generational groups with specific shortcomings or habits

Businesses must understand that individuals’ makeup generational groups and that being born into a block of dates does not define them as a person. Singling out one group as lazy, intractable, unfocused, or even job hoppers, shows a company’s unwillingness to adapt to the needs of a changing workforce. Workers are being forced to accept that some companies do not have the same loyalty for employees that once keep workers in place for decades.

In the current changing environment, companies must attract the most talented with truth, benefits, and commitment to personal improvement. People enter employment to be paid but they stay for the community and comradery which evolves while they are there. This new migrant work force will only roost where they feel appreciated for their talents and have integrated personally with a group. Companies that do not invest quality time in associates are getting used to a revolving door of employees.

When confronted with competition, companies believe that cutting costs is the best recourse of action

Slashing the price, to get the sale, is the go to remedy when competing against others. Customers are inclined to buy value for the long term from personable, cutting edge, and hands-on businesses. To have a perceived worth, a service/product must meet or exceed a need, then people will gladly invest in endurance and benefits over low-cost. A smaller company has an advantage in the current value base purchase environment and should learn to exploit this distinctiveness.

Large to midsize businesses must reinvent themselves to appear caring and amiable to a consumer to contest this fact. Small companies feel like they are out gunned, under staffed, or out performed by a larger competitor. The truth is, small companies are very appealing to customers for multiple reasons. The ability to pick-up a phone to call or text the owner is gratifying and comforting to the consumer. Larger agencies are inclined to make decisions by committee which may involve total review of service contract to examine exposure or liabilities.

In the optimum business atmosphere direction is quickly altered and correctional positioning is established with minimal waste or diversion of resources. Smaller companies are the boutique, more responsive, and specialized answers to the Goliath businesses of any industry. Small businesses should capitalize on these aspects and not view them as a detriment.

All business must continually focus on fortification and longevity enhancement

The need to advertise, invest, or cold call will take a backseat in times of success. When a business starts to grow, contentment or gratification of success may want to establish itself. This complacency can cause a rubber band effect in revenue flow and cause sudden shifts in a company’s business stream. Businesses must learn to absorb gratifying situations and continue a steadfast path in the pursuit of future enterprises. Establishing a promotional and associate improvement budget is a must have for any company wishing to endure. The dollars spent today, plant the seeds of tomorrow’s prosperity.

Companies need to learn how to handle performance issues with associates

Businesses fall into the “kick them when they are down” mentality when handling employment matters. Companies need to stop taking the stance that associates must appreciate the fact that they have a job. Associates are human beings with lives outside of their jobs. Their work and home personas are intertwined with one another to no fault of their own. Taxing developments at either setting, can cause strife or echo preclusion's at the other. If a good employee abruptly changes direction a supervisor or peer should discreetly intervene as an empathetic confidant. Establishing a helpful, understanding, and non-confrontational venting atmosphere can go a long way to reinforce an employee’s trust in a company.

Companies must stop averting performance issues to a disconnected HR department in the attempt to alter the employee’s unwanted behavior. Businesses must concede to the fact that the communal atmosphere, that employees are exposed to at work, is the predominate shaping force of their lives. Unhappiness can spread pragmatically into every aspect of business, if left unchecked. Someone’s disconcerting condition does not rectify because they are reprimanded, it only further deteriorates. Businesses must invest more quality time in their people.

Consulting through inspiration and grit! Fulfilling the aspirations of a new generation and learning to work cohesively through inclusion.

Consulting through inspiration and grit! Fulfilling the aspirations of a new generation and learning to work cohesively through inclusion.   

Helpful Information

Business Consulting is an autonomous, rewarding, inspirational, and yet humbling ambition to embark upon. If you feel compelled to delve uninformed into this endeavor you or your company may suffer insurmountable repercussions. Please, do your research and let an ethical compass be your guide. 

Everyone Has a Customer

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Mapping out a solution is a critical part of planning for growth. Business expantion into new markets is a quick way to grow you customer base.

What Is Required to Satisfy A Client


Keeping customers satisfied is the number one priority of any retail business. Technological advances such as interactive voice response systems, chatbots, omnichannel accessibility and robotics have helped many large e-commerce companies improve customer satisfaction rates.

However, these options require financial and manpower resources that small and mid-sized firms often don't have, so SMBs have to look at other options.

Here are some budget-friendly solutions e-commerce SMBs can employ.

1. Prioritize Excellent Customer Service

Make customer service a distinctive trademark and selling point for your business, suggested Robert C. Johnson, CEO of Team Sport.

"Getting the right answer and personalizing your response is more important than always rushing to clear out the ticket queue," he told the E-Commerce Times. "It's impossible to beat large players on price, but "customers are willing to spend more with a company that offers superior customer service."

So, when hiring customer service reps, "try to get people who are a B+ in multiple areas -- from phone to email to chat and more -- instead of employees who specialize in only one thing," Johnson said.

2. Keep the Customer Informed

Communicate throughout the customer journey, advised Tara Kelly, CEO of Splice Software

Good technology "can make great customer service more affordable," she told the E-Commerce Times.

Personalize automated calls with customers' first names, account numbers and other information, and ensure the system brings the right tone to the call.

3. Stay Up to Date

Keep abreast of technological advances in your industry, suggested Terry Duncan, president of Duncan Management.

"If your systems begin to hamper your ability to properly serve, supply or distribute in a timely manner, budget for replacement," he told the E-Commerce Times.

Having a customer support software solution "is a must for small businesses," Team Support's Johnson said. Among other things, software "can make a customer service team appear bigger than it actually is, with built-in solutions like a self-service hub."

4. Invest in Training

Technologies, equipment and customer needs constantly change, Duncan said, and both your company and your customers will benefit if your staff keeps up.

Focusing on improving, challenging and training associates makes for better working conditions and a lower turnover rate, which will be reflected in better customer service.

5. Understand Your Strengths

Don't try to go head-to-head with Amazon and other large companies on their turf.

"SMBs are notorious for thinking too big when it comes to customer service in an attempt to compete," Duncan observed.

"Don't fall into this trap. Use your responsive, innovative and personable techniques as your armor to prevail," he advised.

"Customers will enjoy the personable sales associate over the money they've spent every time," noted Duncan. "And don't forget the handwritten thank-you card a few days after the sale."

6. Monitor Your Progress

Keep track of how your company is doing in terms of customer satisfaction.

Companies have to "measure beyond metrics like wait times and on-time order shipping and get to the heart of customer loyalty, which is about creating fans who will recommend and endorse your product," Splice Software's Kelly said.

For example, it's surprisingly easy and affordable to run an automated Net Promoter survey, she pointed out, focusing on the key question: "How likely are you to recommend our company?" 

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